Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog/Log Purpose

It is a rest week which means only nine hours of training and pretty light training at that. That gives me a chance to start this blog/log. I want to write for two overlapping groups of friends.

First are those who are interested in what I am doing to get ready for the uber ride in September. For those friends training for a long distance ride is something unknown. I certainly don't want to imply that I know as much as my coach but I can pass along the what and why of what he has me doing.

The second group of friends are those who are just interested in my rides. Why I am doing them. What I see. Who I meet. Where I go. For them I want to try and provide a travel log and maybe interest a few of them into cycling.

And then there is my selfish purpose in keeping a record so I can remember all those places, people, and events in some detail.

So there are 16 weeks from Sunday when the uber ride, the fast transcontinental, begins.

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