Sunday, May 25, 2008

End of Hard Week 1

It has been a windy four days (Thursday thru Sunday) but the rides more or less came off as planned. Thursday and Friday were planned as simple 1 hour endurance miles (EM)pushing just a little. They were both respectable 175 watt rides.

Saturday was very windy (about 20mph) but the ride was up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. That road climbs nearly 4000 feet in 16.5 miles and turns ever which way so sometimes the wind is at your back, a cross wind, blocked by the mountains and finally in your face as you stuggle the last 1.5 miles which is very steep. It took me 1:52:25 to make the climb which is just barely respectable. Total ride was 3:35.

Sunday was another long ride but this time I went north on the rollers. The specific task was to do 3 20 minute tempo rides. Remember a tempo ride is at 80-85 max power so low end is 223 for me. Couldn't do it. But that is OK for now. The point was to push hard for the first three hours using the tempos to keep the effort high then work hard the last two hours. In that way I get more training in a five hour ride.

Total then for this first hard week: 204 miles, 12.5 hours riding, 3917 feet climbs (only measured one ride), and 6700 KCals.

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