Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Start of a Hard Three Weeks

Last week was by design an easy week with only nine hours in the saddle and limited high intensity rides. The next three are a different story.

This week is planned to be thirteen hours with two days of long steady state (SS) rides. An SS ride is at 90% max power which for me means about 250 watts. That isn't much for 24 year old cat 3 racers but is pretty good for me. The plan for Tuesday is to do 2 15 minutes SS with an 8 minute rest between them. And then on Wednesday do 3 10 minutes SS with 5 minute rests. Thursday and Friday are one hour endurance rides (ED)at about 170 watts. Saturday and Sunday are long rides of 5 and 4 hours with Saturday being a climb up Left Hand Canyon (LHC) and Sunday being rollers with long tempo (TP) rides. More about those later.

Tuesday. So far it isn't working out to plan to say the least. I set my alarm Tuesday for 5am expecting to do the hour long ride with the 2 15 minute SS before work. Usually I have to warm up 30-40 minutes to do this hard a ride. But you have to turn on your alarm as well as set it and I woke up at 6am. Now I don't have time to do the full workout and all I can do is get a 30 minute warmup/quasi endurance ride in. No chance to catch up because I will be flying back to Colorado tonight getting in after 9pm.

Wednesday. Got in as planned Tuesday night and set my alarm for 5am and turned it on! But I am only going to get 6 hours of sleep and I had a bad eating day yesterday so I know it is going to be tough. It is worse than tough. It is a disaster. I warm up for 40 minutes steadily increasing my power, stopping to stretch, drinking Gatoraid to get some fluids, and feeling weak. The first interval is OK on the low end of the range but I planned that. The second was awful and I fell below the target range. The third was even worse. I had to stop twice during the 10 minutes to rest. These are hard. I am burning 14-15 KCal a minute and my HR is above lactic threshold (it shouldn't be) because I am working so hard to hit the numbers. I swear to eat better (I'll talk about that later). 750 KCal burned during the total ride.

Thursday I won't be able to ride until late in the day. I should try and do this three SS over again. I'll decide tomorrow. What I don't want to do is wear myself out so that the long rides are not good training rides.

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