Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Hard Week 2

Well that section on nutrition didn't format so well in the last post. Maybe another time.

Thursday I caught up on steady states doing 3 x 10 minutes with 5 minutes rest. The last one had me gasping.

That forced Friday to be recovery day with some light riding (Recovery Miles RM) and a light theraputic massage. Do not confuse a theraputic sports massage with a Swedish or deep tissue. The entire topic of recovery and massage are for anther time. Just leave it that Nat, my regular massage therapist is widely known for his work and that his work HURTS.

Saturday was climb to Ward day like last Saturday only this time I continued on the Peak-to-Peak to Hwy 7 and then down to Lyons. Mike my trainer and I have to talk about the value of going to Hwy 7. It is mostly downhill from Ward with a few small climbs. Nevertheless I rode 5 hours and climbed 4,300 feet.

Ward General Store

Regardless of the training value of the Peak-to-Peak and Hwy 7 to Lyons the view is great and everyone was out. Of course there were lots of cyclings but there were lots of people kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding and parasailing.

View from Peak-to-Peak Highway

Sunday was a four hour ride north along the front range. Very pretty day. To emphasize my point about the training value of the Peak-to-Peak, in four hours I almost burned as many calories as I did in five hours Saturday.

Totals for the week. 7130 feet of climbs. 218 miles. 13:30 hours on the bike. 6868 calories.

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