Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eleven weeks to go

Volume continues to increase while intensity holds steady. Tuesday and Wednesday were the now standard steady states. I had no trouble hitting the numbers. Thursday was an hour of endurance miles (EM) and I pushed it. After 15 minutes of warm up I took it to 210 watts and held that for the remaining 45 minutes.

Friday I was with customers all day and could not ride.

Saturday and Sunday were long rides planned for 5 and 6 hours. I was fifteen minutes short each day. On Saturday I had a flat three blocks from my house so I walked home and patched it there. What a mess. I had picked up a steel wire from a blown tire and it had pretty much eaten the tube. Sunday I had another flat about a mile from home. So I changed the tube and cycled home to patch the tube, eat some lunch (a toaster pastry), and get some cold water. Lost 30 minutes which I didn't have on the back end of the ride. Still, it was a major ride--100 miles and 2816 feet of climbs.

Total for the week. 245 miles, 14:20 hours in the saddle, 4441 feet of climbs and 7546 calories.

Next week is even harder.

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