Friday, June 6, 2008

Hard Week 3--Rides Get Longer

Monday. This is a rest day. Everyone needs to give their bodies a chance to recover. I am told that the only time the body actually strengthens is when it is resting. For me, at my age, balancing recovery and training is extra important. If I should overtrain or injury myself, the recuperation time could ruin my training program. Partly because I would recover more slowly than--well let's just say I am not 17 anymore--and partly because my training advances my fitness slower than the 17 year old I no longer am. Further, I only go three weeks hard before I take a rest week which is much lower intensity and duration.

Tuesday and Wednesday. Hit the high intensity intervals hard. Using my bike in Memphis I can work a lot harder than I can in Colorado. So typically the most intense work is done in Memphis and always the endurance work is done in Colorado.

Thursday and Friday. Only one hour endurance rides each day. These are just bridging me from the high intensity of Tuesday and Wednesday to the back-to-back 5 hour rides this weekend. Same model as last. Saturday will be five hours of intense climbs with at least 2.5 hours pushing hard in climbs. Sunday will be an endurance ride pushing how fast can I go for five hours. Remember, the goal is to be able to go 17 mph (or sustain 200 watts) for 7-8 hours a day for 26 days. That is a lot.

Saturday. Climbing tempos. After the 7 mile ride to LHC I climbed up to the rest area at Buckingham Park to further warm up. It was chilly and windy. The wind didn't bother me since I am just riding for time and not distance. Then I went back to the start of LHC and started my intervals.

Start of Lefthand Canyon

Buckingham Park Looking Down Valley

Another down valley view--see the cyclist

I did a 30 minute tempo climb which basically is as hard as I could go for that long. Then I coasted back to the start of LHC and did it again. I did three of these for a total of 3400 feet, 90 minutes, and 18.6 miles in climbs.

A thirty minute climb takes me past the Jamestown/Ward intersection a mile or so. I'll put a map of training routes on this blog soon.

Ward/Jamestown Intersection down valley (see cyclist)

Summary of day: ride time 5hrs, 80 miles, 4018 ft climbs, 2500 KC (exactly).

Sunday: Miserable day of wind. Started north on 36 to do the Masonville loop. The wind was strong out of the NW. Held speed through the first 50 miles missing my target of 3 hours elapsed by about 4 minutes. But the wind continued to strengthen and swing to the WSW. The last 35 miles were just a matter of getting it over with. Ick.

Summary for week: ride time 14:20, 231 miles, 7553 calories, 6750 ft climbs.

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