Sunday, July 6, 2008

High Volume Week

First a post script from the MS ride last week. David Twynam and I compared notes on the route around Horsetooth Lake especially up Rist Canyon and CR27. The week before the MS Ride David raced basically the route around Horsetooth Lake in reverse of what the MS ride did Sunday and what I did Saturday. I am very impressed with his racing and power. He trained the week before his race by pulling a 292 watt average up Lefthand Canyon to mile 15. That is a lot! My best for an hour is 227. But then I noticed the pros in the Tour de France were generating 697 up the last climb. But David and I don't pretend to be pros let alone Tour de France pros.

This week of training was actually harder than last week. Whereas last week I concentrated on endurance rides, this week it was back to intervals on all days except Sunday. The back-to-back centuries last week proved that my endurance is where it needs to be at this point so Mike, the CTS coach, is focusing me on increasing my cruising power. That means a bump up in intensity which means more intervals.

Next week is a rest week and almost an off week. I will be going to a wedding Friday thru Sunday and it is time for a big rest. With 9 weeks to go from today, a week off is appropriate and then three weeks of very high intensity intervals to build that strength. After a year and a half of laying base we are going to see how fast and how much further my body will strengthen.

All this strengthening is simply to enable me to complete each day a little faster and a little earlier--there is no easier. I am already capable of doing the ride.

Weekly summary. 274 miles, 15:40 hours riding. 7030 ft climbs. 8125 calories.

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