Sunday, July 27, 2008

Intervals, intervals, and more intervals--42 days to go

This week looked exactly like last week except the results were much better. For the first time that I can remember I was above max prescribed wattage for every set of intervals for the entire week. To compare, for example, the two 30 minute tempos this week were at 215 watts and the four 20 minutes tempos were at 212.

Another positive for the weekend. Even with the climbing intervals I was able to maintain an average speed, including rest stops, of over 15mph. That is exactly on target. As a reminder, for the transcontinental, I need to average between 13 and 17 mph elapsed time. Go to fast and I out run the support--most unlikely. Go slower than 13 and the support trucks will SAG me to the next rest area--not gonna happen. I haven't trained for 20 months to ride in a truck!

Next week the load increases again with the addition of another 30 minute tempo and another 20 minute tempo. So Saturday is 3x30 tempos and the recovery time is cut from 15 minutes to 10. Sunday is 5x20 with 10 minute recoveries. That will be a hard weekend.

Weekly summary: 12 hours riding, 200 miles, 6650 calories and 6350 ft climbs.

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