Sunday, August 17, 2008

Huge Volume Week--3 weeks to go

This was the long-ride four day weekend. It was definitely long but rather mixed.

Thursday. Great day. Weather was in the 70’s. I climbed LHC to Ward, rode the Peak to Peak Hwy to 7 and down to Lyons. Then did a few loops. Total ride was 6:45 hrs, 101 miles, 5400 feel of climbs and 3400 calories.

Friday. Horrible day. It started raining Thursday afternoon and poured all day Friday. I left the house about 7am and spent the next eight hours riding in the rain. It was exhausting. Total ride was 6:15, 105 miles, 5100 ft climbs and 3100 calories.

Saturday. Still raining and my quads hurt. Tried to do some drills on a trainer in the garage but I just don’t have the motivation.

Sunday. Nice day but I really didn’t want to ride. My quads still hurt but I don’t have a real excuse. But as soon as I start I feel better. Still I don’t have time to do a really long ride and I really don’t want to. I am getting tried of training.

With three weeks to go my waning motivation to train strikes me as a problem. I need to keep my fitness over the next three weeks and rest enough that I get all the benefits from the training I have done. Very interested in what Mike has to say.
For the week, 21.1 hours of riding, 337 miles, 11,797 ft climbs and 10,526 calories

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