Friday, August 22, 2008

Reactions to Last Blog--Tapering Begins

Lefthand Canyon at Sun Up

First, notice the link to my personal MS page on the left. Consider making a contribution, please.

As many of you know I was a little down on myself after last weekend. I just couldn't get myself to ride a second day in the rain. I was surprised by how many people offered encouragement. I thank you all alot.

Even my coach, Mike, told me that lots of his local clients had the same motivational issues and his guidance was to stop worrying about it. It was no big deal. I think he was lying but it made me feel a lot better.
I am all better and mashed out my weekly steady states this week exactly to plan. Now I begin the process of tapering my workouts to arrive in San Diego completely refreshed while maintaining my level of fitness.

Last week I rode more than 21 hours. This week it drops to nine, next week to 7.5 and the last week to 3. There are lots of high intensity rides over the next two week but with the volume coming down so much I should hit San Diego fully rested and ready to take full advantage of 21 months of training.

Again, thanks to everyone that helped me through my funk. I am tried of training for the ride and I just want to go do the ride.

Looking Down on Ward at 9200 ft

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David said...

Having read your posts, you are ready! Wow! Enjoy the taper and all the time you have back...the anticipation is exciting!