Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 10--The Cycling Gods Smile

If there can be a 109 mile recovery ride this was it. The wind was about 10 mph and mostly a tail wind. The highway shoulder was 10 feet, smooth, and as junk free as you can expect. There was minimal climbing. The advertised total climb for the day was 2,000 feet but my GPS showed 1,067. I believe my GPS. I was in by 2:30 including a stop at a Dairy Queen.

Downside, there was nothing to see but I can smell that we are now in cattle country.

Without question this is the best organized tour I have ever been on. Far better than the Bicycle Tour of Colorado or the Ride the Rockies. But this is 30 riders and those are about 3,000.

About every 20-30 miles (except in the desert where they were much closer) is a rest stop. Rest stops have food, water, Gatorade, and ice. BTW, in the desert they used about 10 lbs of ice per rider per day.

Typical Rest Stop

When possible rest stops are located near rest room facilities either in rest areas, accommodating businesses, or secluded areas. But there have been days, like today, where there just wasn't anything.

Unisex Bush

Lunches are fantastic. Most days a hot lunch is served. The lunch van has a gas grill. The lunch team does a lot of preparation the night before and starts cooking before leaving breakfast, sometimes stops at one of the rest stops to keep preparing, and arrives at the lunch stop in time to finishing cooking. We have had brats, hamburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches.


In this picture Nancy is preparing brats while her husband Michael prepares condiments. Nancy and Michael are "crewing". In their case they work the lunch van every other day and ride the alternate days. They get some kind of deal for working. Michael, BTW, made the best grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. I don't know if I will ever be able to ride 100 miles again without wanting a grilled cheese sandwich and pudding.

That is Susan in the door of the van. She is one of the two partners that run the PAC Tours and is a bundle of energy.

Cumulatives: 1,151 miles and 47,978 feet climbs (both from my GPS).


chrisawest said...

Great job Larry!

Anonymous said...


Getting closer to the finish line!
You can do it!


Anonymous said...

Always remember that the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. You have the strength, knowledge, and will to finish this dream! Keep rolling boss! (the snot)

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am continually amazed and awed at how awesome you are doing on this ride! Keep it up - you are almost done.
And thanks for finally writing something I understood...Dairy Queen.

bobf said...

My gosh--you have someone making lunch for you--now I am envious.

Bob F.

Anonymous said...

Larry, Your numbers are awesome! The cumulative total is impressive but I'm more inspired by the obstacles overcome and your dedication and persistance day after day!

These are your numbers!
(1, 127, 7500),
(2, 104, 105 in the shade),
(3, 116, 3500),
(4, 104, 8500),
(5, 110, 6008),
(6, 122, 4350),
(7, 157, 3700),
(8, 106, 6700),
(9, 97, 2985),
(10, 109, 1067)

Thanks for sharing your experiences and best wishes.

Larry said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful, supportive comments. I am having a great time. I am sure some of you question how an easy day of riding 7 hours can be easy or fun--but it is.

Ginger said...

Oooooo, did you get your usual PB Parfait? I miss DQ--there isn't one that I know of anywhere near us.

But if I have to pee in a bush in order to get a slushee, forget about it. :P