Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 11-Hello Texas and Central Time Zone

Three states down and six to go. Two time zones down and two to do. It is getting warmer. No wind breakers and no arm or leg warmers this morning. But it was a pleasant day for a 112 mile ride. The winds were again favorable.

Here on the high plains, Amarillo is still at 3500 feet, there just isn't much scenery. Bushes were particularly scarce if you remember yesterday. The most interesting was this huge feedlot. You will have to expand the picture to even get a sense of how big it is. I couldn't get the entire thing into one shot.
They have an odor problem!

If the cows could get organized I am sure they could rush the fences and make a break for it. Nothing good, for them, comes from sticking around.
Tonight we are staying at the Big Texas Motel and Restaurant. The restaurant is this huge steak place that has a 72 oz steak free if you can eat it in an hour. Wouldn't have happened if they had rushed the fence.

Cumulative numbers: 1273 miles and 48,560 feet of climbs.


sammy g said...

So did you go for the 72 oz steak? Come on you have come this far go for it. i have seen it on tv and that would be something that will stay with you until the end.

Elizabeth Finch said...

I finally had a chance to get on the blog - you have been very busy! We missed you at the MS but knew you were still riding with us only in another state.. Sounds like you have had a few rough days.. hopefull this week the weather will be nice for you. You're doing great!!

Ginger said...

There was blood on the saddle, blood all around
And a great big puddle of blood on the ground

The cowboy lay in it, all covered with gore
He'll never ride tall in the saddle no more

Oh pity the cowboy, all bloody and dead
A bronco fell on him and mashed in his head


durner said...

Larry, doing great, keep riding hard.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're getting closer every day and sounds like you're having a fantastic ride! Keep your eye open for that tiny dot in the distance; it's the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. In your case, the finish line! Yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

Larry, You have a great sense of humor and some very good one-liners!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog entries each day and "virtually" tagging along with you on this ride. Keep up the good work, the pictures and the attitude that allows you to enjoy the whole experience. You are doing something most of us never will and you're getting closer to your goal every spin of the bike wheel!! TW

Larry said...

I COULD have eaten it but my bike would not have been pleased.