Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 12--Route 66 to Shamrock TX

OK, to be clear, I COULD have eaten the 72oz steak but then my bike would have broken in half and I would have had to come home. So I stayed with a pretty normal slab of beef.

Today we continued east along I-40 and on historic Route 66. Lots of little towns with no apparent future especially those on 66 and off I-40. Stopped at The Blessed Mary Cafe for pie and coffee. No charge but I left a nice donation. I think everyone did.

The distance today was a short 94 miles so I stopped at lots of monuments and a couple of little museums. There are lots of them that you would only spot on a bike. The most interesting of the day was the Devil's Rope Museum which is all about barbed wire and fence building history. Most interesting and a lot larger than I expected.

Route 66 is full of Attractions

Those Balls are Barbed Wire

I thought about going to dinner at this local cafe near the motel. It has been so long that I have been in a restaurant that had a no smoking section. Icky. I was the only one in that section so I left.

The terrain is starting to change and I expect that tomorrow the fundamentally flat high plain will break up. The forecast is for the climbs to return but the mileage to remain moderate.

Cumulative: 1367 miles and 49,531 feet climb (the climbs seem to be overstated according to my GPS and that is a good thing).


pauline h. said...

Hello again. I am back from NC and have not checked in for a couple of days. Have been busy with the grand daughters. So glad you are still doing well and you are half way. That is great. I am glad you have found nice people to ride with. That must make it so much more fun. Keep going and know we are still with you in spirit. We are enjoying all of your pictures.

Steve Mski said...

just checking in and glad to see that progress reamins steady and your attitude is fantastic!!! really glad that you didnt have to contend with ike directly and that now the winds are a plus. svp update started with a larry update discussion - everyone is thing about you and pulling for your continued success. as always be smart/be safe and keep putting the miles behind you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a continued safe journey on your wonderful adventure! Really enjoying the updates/pictures on the blog. Enjoy your weekend of riding!

Larry said...

Thanks everyone. This is really a lot of fun although I admit that 100+ miles of riding every day is probably not everyone's idea of fun. But the other riders are so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, I really enjoy your blogs--especially now that you're away from the 110 temps of the desert and sound like you're having more fun. We'll miss you at dinner club Sat. night.
Kathy and Jim