Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 13--Weatherford OK Halfway

Sun Rise on Route 66

We started early this morning looking at a long day. Not so many miles, 106, but lots of stops to see things along Route 66. Lon, the owner, is a Route 66 expert having rode it by bike many times including parts that are not really that accessible (e.g. the original, unpaved sections).

We crossed into Oklahoma on a small road at Texola which had no state sign. I wanted to take a picture but three dogs were chasing me through "town". They weren't very big but looked like they weren't being fed very well. I decided I didn't need a picture of the "No Place Like this Place" saloon.

A lot of Route 66 is in remarkable shape. I haven't gotten a decent picture of the road, I will try again tomorrow, but it is very, very narrow with a curb and spillway. This part of the road was layed in 1930.

National Route 66 Museum, Elk City OK

The Creature of the Black Lagoon and Route 66?

Finally an Oklahoma Sign

Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK

Both these museums were terrific. I wish I had more time to look at all the exhibits. The one I did spend some time on was the how the route evolved. It started as several traces which became trails, which became roads which eventually were linked and straighten to become Route 66. I always wonder why roads are where they are.

It is very, very clear that the interstate system killed a lot of businesses and towns. I don't know whether there are more derelict motels, ice cream/hamburger places, or gas stations but there are lots and lots. Most of the towns that don't also lay along I-40 are almost gone.

At lunch today we celebrated reaching the halfway point and the 40th birthday of one of the riders (Bobby from Dallas). This crew is amazing setting up a birthday party with cake and ballons along side the road in the country. Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches and cake. Yum.

Tomorrow we have our last section of Route 66 before heading SE into Oklahoma.

Summary: 1467 miles (corrected) and 50,769 feet climbs.


Ginger said...

Liked your pics--you look like you are having an fun time. And are going to have one heck of a farmer's tan--I'm a bit bummed I won't be in CO when you finally arrive back so I can have a laugh at your expense.


sammy g said...

I guess you can spend more time looking around on you ride back... You are riding back right? :)

Svein said...

Great that you are hanging in there. Keep it up. We are enjoying your blog. Best wishes

Larry said...

I am having a great time. Technically I don't think a farmer's tan includes tanned legs just above the knees. Still, you are an evil daughter.

Sam, I am NOT riding back.