Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 14--Purcell OK

Phew. A far harder day than I expected. We started at 7:30 from Weatherford on US 66. I tried to get a good picture of the old road.

If you look close you can see the curb. There are also spillways which have the date the concrete was poured. I couldn't find one that wasn't full of weeds and fire ants. You don't mess with fire ants.

Just outside of Weatherford is the remains of Lucille's Roadhouse a very famous landmark on Route 66. Last night I ate at the original-inspired, theme Lucille's in Weatherford.

The interesting part of the ride is about over.

Passed by some buffalos. That was the end of anything interesting.

Then the ride became monotonous. Poor, rough roads and big hills over and over again. One man plotted the hills on his GPS. There were 54 large climbs over the 112 miles with a cumulative gain of 4028 feet.

I saw lots of horses that looked dispirited, lots of cows and an unbelievable amount of red dirt.

I ka-chugged over hundreds of bad road seams. Dodged a lot of holes and didn't dodge quite a few.

My thanks to the Oklahoma drivers who were very good about waiting for a good opportunity to pass as the roads were really narrow, too.

Do These Hills Ever End?

No. They Never Ended.

Summary: 1,580 miles and 54,797 feet of climbs.


Elizabeth Finch said...

Great pictures Larry! heading to France today for President's Club, Hopefully it will be as interesting as route 66! I'm sure it will. Enjoy Alabama when you get there I use to live in Hoover it is really pretty. I'll catch up with your week when I return.

pauline @ svein said...

Just read your blog. All these hills make me want to take a nap. Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting. We missed you at dinner club. Charlotte shared some of your adventures with us. Svein is off to Calgary this evening until Friday. Take care of yourself and dodge these pot holes.