Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 15--More Oklahoma Hills

Today was better than yesterday because the roads were much better and the scenery began to change. But basically it was the same day. The same mileage and about the same amount of climbs. It just went better because there were shoulders to ride on and a lot fewer really bad spots that made the bike hard to control and cut speed and efficiency.

Today was 112 miles of riding and 3519 feet of climbs. Several of us, including me, are starting to tire. Injuries are accumulating. My bike seems to want to have a mechanical episode each day. The strain of the ride is beginning to show physically but everyone is in great spirits and having a terrific time.

Summary: 1,692 miles and 58,316 of climbs.


sammy g said...

The progress you guys are making is awesome. It is cool to see the road through your blog. Heck I even think I should try this one day… You know after you get through the great state of Arkansas you will get to ride in MS which you know can always be fun. There is nothing like riding in the delta  You keep on peddling and stay strong we are all pulling for you and living through your experience each and every day.

pauline & svein said...

We are still enjoying the ride thru your eyes. Hang in there and don't get so tired that you do something stupid. Of course you would never do that....would you?
Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

You are almost to your finish line! Keep up the great job! Chet and I did Plyometrics this morning and I thought I was going to faint!
You are in AWESOME shape!
Thinking of you and praying for safety for all of the riders!

PappyandSlick said...


A buddy of mine Sam Gibson told me about your blog. I really like it and I think the trip is awesome. I look forward to reading more about your trip.


PappyandSlick said...


A buddy of mine (Sam Gibson) told me about your blog and your trip. I think the blog and the trip idea is awesome! I look forward to reading your blog.

Ride hard!


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry! So proud that you are past the half way point and still have an excellent sense of humor! Keep ka-chugging, and we'll keep ka-chuckling. Seriously though, you're amazing!!! (the snot)

Anne said...

Larry - We love reading your blog everyday so much so that we think this should become an annual team building event. You ride, we cheer! I can't wait to hear where we're going next year. Great job. Stay safe. Anne and Brian

bobf said...

Oklahoma sounds like a state that never ends. Keep pedaling.

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal Larry - Ya'll have really covered alot of distance and have had a chance to revisit some history up close and personal. What a wonderful experience and a memory you will get to relive over and over again. I think it's awesome!! TW

sehubin said...

Congratulations on passing half way! You are an inspiration to me and many others who are sharing this adventure with you through your blog. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see the country from your bike. Be strong, be smart and be safe!