Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2--My Chapstick Melted

At 1:28pm on 9/8 110.5 F

I made several changes for day two and they helped. At 6am the temperature was already 80 and it was clear that most of the day would be above 100. In fact it was 110 in the shade by lunch.

One change was to get a tube sock, fill it with ice and ride with it around my neck. It would only last about 15 minutes but it helped keep my body temperature down. Second, I cut my pace and found a couple of other riders to ride with. Drafting wasn’t much of a factor due to the wind and a narrow road (strong cross wind) but it helped immensely to have someone else around.
Third, I took long breaks at the rest areas. Instead of trying to be out in 5 minutes, I would take 20 minutes to cool down, drink and try and eat something. That lengthened the day a lot but at these temperatures it was a real struggle to keep your body temperature under control. Fourth, I found a few things that I could eat during the ride. I can eat Payday candy bars and pudding. Sandwiches and salads are unappetizing. All these changes made the day long but I finished the 104 mile ride.

Having Fun in the Sun

It Really is as Hot as It Looks

Sand Dunes in California

It is true, my chapstick melted. I remembered to start using it today and found it a liquid. Still worked but you have to put it on with a finger.

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