Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 21 and 22: Rough Roads and Rollers

Couldn't post Saturday night. We stayed at a real dive of a motel and it didn't have Internet access. Believe me it could have had a T1 to each room and it still would have been a dive. My room only had two bulbs working and not one lamp had a switch (you know those knobs you turn). I still slept like a rock.

Day 22. Alabama Rollers

Roads in Alabama are noticeably better than in Mississippi and the rollers are not as steep. Today was still a long, hard day of 126 miles and 3500 feet of climbs. I am fatigued. The last four days have really pounded me and I alternatively have trouble with my right adductor and my left calf/shin. At this point I just pop Advil and keep pushing.

I rode with the recumbent today. I knew from the start that I was tired and needed to conserve energy. I wanted to complete the day in 9 hours and we were to the minute. It was hot all day. I took some pictures of the salt stains in my outer cycling shorts (remember I am wearing two pairs) but that picture is just to gross. And there were swarms of these black bugs. But it was a good day for riding 126 miles and climbing 3500 feet. I am just tired.

We have less than 500 miles to go.

Alabama River

Summary: 2,498 miles and 73,292 feet of climbs.
Day 21. Mississippi Rough Roads and Rollers

A day of climbing over rollers on very rough roads. The ride was 116 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbs (4835). Because the ride was so hilly I rode alone leaving the recumbent and group for the day.

Mississippi roads, at least the route we followed, are by far the worst roads we have seen on this ride. The chip and seal roads were just bone jarring for hours and there were no shoulders. I stopped several times to ask directions or answer questions like “Where are you heading?” and everyone was as friendly as they could be. Except for the very rare driver and the dogs--who must think they are in heaven chasing cyclist--everyone across the country is super friendly and interested in what we are doing (and probably why the hell...).

Lunch was a new treat combination--brats and ice cream!

Eastern Mississippi is very pretty country. Lots of farm land, cows, and those cursed rolling hills.
We are now in Alabama without Internet connection. Hopefully Sunday will be better.
Summary: 2,372 miles and 69,833 feet of climbs.


durner said...

almost there, just keep pushing a little more. You are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there boss...just 3 more days! Then it's skiing season just around the corner! (the snot)

Elizabeth Finch said...

I can't believe you are almost finished. Enjoy Savanah, they hae a great restaurant/ bar on river street called "Shuckers" - the best cold beer and oysters in the South! Saw lost of cyclist in France and thought of you often! Hang in there - only a few days more! Great job!!

Larry said...

Thanks Mike, Snot and Elizabeth. Just grinding these last days out.

sammy g said...

As i look at the stops left on the map you have come a long way. Not much more stands in your way. Hang in there we are all pulling for you.