Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 23--Eufaula AL

Just a quick update. 110 miles and 4,665 feet of rollers. It is hot--it isn't 110 so I am not complaining--but it 90 and humid. Still the roads were pretty good and the country is pretty.

Except for the kudzu.

Here is a picture from Sherrie's and Chris' surprise visit in Clarksdale. I look like I just rode all day. I was so surprised and pleased to see them.

Three days of riding to go. Right now I hurt everywhere and when I get healed I have some work to do on flexibility and cycling mechanics.

Summary: 2,608 miles and 77,957 feet climbs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the picture Larry! We thought you looked amazing for having ridden 3 weeks already! And NO, you didn't smell like roadkill. Just two days left to chug! (the snot)

Anonymous said...

Almost There!!!! It's been great getting to "ride" along with you. It's been a pretty easy trip for us virtual riders so THANKS for letting us tag along.
Kudos to Chris and Sherrie for making the trip to surprise you and for the great sign. You're a true Rock Star of cycling now that you have a fan base that will trek the miles to see you in person!! Take Care! TW

durner said...

Try to take a 5 - 10 min ice water bath each night. This will help your legs recovery, but it does suck.