Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 24--Last State, Last Time Zone

This is a shot from somewhere in Oklahoma. The vegetation has really changed over this ride.

We have been in cotton country for a few days now with the fields in various states. This one looks ready to pick. Now we are also in peanut country with lots of places offering boiled peanuts--which I have never tried.

And the stores are quite a lot of fun with friendly people running them.
This hunting chair even comes with a restraining belt--probably needed after several hours of hydrating with Bud Lite.

We are now in Georgia and the eastern time zone. Eight states down, one to go; three time zones down, one to go. 107 miles today and 3851 feet of climbs. It is still hot--mid 90's--and more humid than I am used to but the roads are good enough and the winds are not an issue.

These three guys have been following me since NM. I saw them day before yesterday sitting on a bridge but they flew off before I could get their picture. Too bad guys, I am going to make it.

Tomorrow is our next to last ride and it is a pretty long one--117 miles. Everyone is taking Advil and the question no longer is what is hurting--everything is hurting. Mike, my coach, has recommended that I take a 10-15 minute ice bath. I'll grit my teeth for two more rides before I sit in a tub of ice water.

Summary: 2,714 miles and 81,808 feet of climbs.


sammy g said...

i am sure they are looking for the one at the back or the one that falls to the way side. you are almost there don't let them get you now. it is all down hill from here. it is all flat the rest of the way right? hang in there we are proud of you, as this is one amazing feat.

Ginger said...

You are so close to being done! Enjoy the last of your trip. :)

Anonymous said...

At least I see you are still smiling (or are you just gritting your teeth?). You're going to make it.....wahoo!!! (the snot)

Anonymous said...

Too bad guys, I am going to make it.

Quote of the blog!

Keep the shiny side down and finish strong...


durner said...

Man are you stubborn! It really does make you feel better and it's only 5 or 10 min not 15. I think the humidity is getting to you.
You are doing great, keep it up just a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Almost there and I'll bet the excitement level is rising faster than the humidity. What an amazing accomplishment and one you will continue to enjoy with all the great memories and friends you've made along the way.

ENJOY the last leg of the adventure and keep an eye open for Jimmy Carter. You know he LOVES those peanuts!! TW

sehubin said...

Having done a professional stint for you in Georgia, I had a number of occasions to try those boiled peanuts. I have to say it is an aquired taste, but they do grow on you after a while.

Your trek has been truly inspiring! Enjoy the final miles of your great adventure!

Elizabeth said...

You sound so excited and happy now that you are almost finished! I hope you tried the boiled peanuts, they are good. Take lots of pictures at the finish and dip your front tire into the ocean!!!

Anonymous said...

You're nearly done! Amazing! You should be very proud! I hope a hot bath and a massage are waiting for you at the finish line.

Carol said...

WOW! You're almost done! Congrats on a job and feat well done!