Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 3--Into the Arizona Desert

It was only 75 at 6am. A good sign that the temperature would not be 110. It was 101 at lunch.
I planned to be out 8-10 hours a day but so far everyday has been in the 11-12 hour range. Today would be an 11 hour ride, 116 miles and 3500 ft of climbs. A very hard day.
A pattern is developing. Lee, from Australia, John, from Alaska, and I were the last riders in on day 1 and day 2 completely by accident. Today we again found ourselves coming together at about mile 60 at the back of the riders. Not that we were the slowest riders. We were the slowest riders still slugging it out. I am surprised at how many riders give up in the heat and how soon. Sure the guys from Sweden are crushed and I understand why they stop early. Maybe everyone else has the good sense. Today we were joined by Donna, a very determined cyclist, for the last 20 miles.

We were last in again today and we couldn't care. We slugged out the ride, encouraged each other, and had a great time.

In the Arizona Desert


sam said...

All the best for your endeavor .God Bless.

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Vicki L. Sanders said...

Try Herpecin L - it has SPF 30 and works great in the sun. Hang in there.

pauline h. said...

Why on earth did you want to do this? It sounds like quite a ride. Drink lots of liquids and DO take care of yourself. Pauline and Svein

Sammy G said...

Glad to see you’re wearing the MS Team FedEx head cover. We are all riding with ya.. well not physically but in spirit.

flashturner said...

Larry, I am truly impressed. Cycling cross country is at the top of my to-do list before I expire. You'll probably have lost 30 pounds by the time you reach the Atlantic. Keep it up and stay strong in the saddle.

Mel Turner, Fedex Services

Anonymous said...

given the addtional challenges of the first few days, your progress is fantastic!!! hang in there and hopefully a day easier than expected is on the horizon. be safe/be smart and keep putting the miles behind you. Steve

Anonymous said...

You're doing great so keep it up! It's nice to be able to read where you've been and the pictures are good too!
Pedal Forward!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and being able to track your wonderful progress. Keep up the great work and keep drinking and drinking and drinking..