Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 8--A Day in the Wind

106 miles and 6700 feet of climbs. How hard can that be? BRUTAL. Everyday on this ride I have misjudged the ride of the day. The 151 yesterday was easier than I expected. Today's ride was as hard as I can do.

After crossing the Rio Grande we turned into a strong headwind that grew stronger all day. For the first 50 miles I averaged 10 mph and I was working hard. Then the climbing began and the wind was stronger. It was so strong that when I stopped I didn't even want to stand in it. Lunch was served in bowls because plates would just fold.

The Rio Grande

There was one section of lava fields. I am always surprised by how big these things are.

The climb into Ruidoso was a series of steep climbs. This is a beautiful place--if you don't have to climb up to it--and I had no idea it even existed.

All together it took me nearly 11 hours to go 106 miles and I am crushed.


sammy g said...

Well I must say I am learning a lot about long distance riding reading your blog. I never thought about the ice in the sock around your neck issue. Good thing to keep in mind if by some chance I decide to ride that far. On your next leg of the ride if you see any green little men try to get some good pictures for us. Be safe and know you were missed in Tunica this weekend.

Steve Mski said...

great to see the continued progress and except for the "crushed" comment your spirits seem high. you have alot of folks pulling for you so always keep that in the place you draw smart/be safe

durner said...

Keep it up Larry, you are doing great. Crushed goes away with food and lemonade, tired goes away with a little sleep, but riding the hot side of the country in Sept will never go away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, Looks like you made it through the week-end OK. I was surprised to see that you had gone through Ruidoso. I have family who live in Ruidoso Downs so you're in the neck of the woods I'm very familiar with. It is indeed beautiful there and I'm getting homesick for a visit myself. Take care and ENJOY the beautiful scenery! TW

DavidT said...

Your complete dedication to the training over the last 17 months has prepared you well for these challenges both physically and psychologically. You have risen to overcome every one of the numerous obstacles thrown at you over the last 8 days. Your accomplishments are inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe.... keep on peddling! one mile marker at a time.... hydrate.... you are an inspiration


Ginger said...

Well, at least you are getting to see Mother Nature in all Her rapturous glory.

My biker friends are all reading your blog, but are too shy to comment. But they are very much in awe. Impressing 20-something's--not half bad.