Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 9-First 1000 Miles Complete

First, my congratulations to those of you who rode the first day of the FedEx Rock 'n Roll MS 150. It had to be a nasty day. And second, my congratulations to the MS team that was able to organize and get everyone home on Sunday when things really got bad.

I also want to again thank everyone for their comments and emails. I have tended to under estimate most things about this ride. One of those under estimations is how much I would value, enjoy, and be motivated by your messages. Thanks.

Recovery, recovery, recovery....I think that is the key to a ride like this and I give Mike Durner of Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado Springs full credit for the training program that got my speed up and my body adapted to recovering. Last night several of us were so crushed we called for pizzas, gathered up all the "floaters" (the 2-liter bottles that float in the coolers), and stuffed ourselves with pizza and soda. I got a massage. And I got 9 hours of sleep. Every time I woke up for any reason I forced myself to drink a small cup of water--I can go back to sleep with no trouble. All part of getting ready for another day (Mike continues to send me emails telling me to drink, drink, drink and he is so right).

When did 97 miles and 3,000 feet of climbs become an easy day? Today was an easy day. We started at 7:30 with leg and arm warmers and wind breakers with an immediate steep climb. Our route out of Ruidoso was the reverse of our route into Ruidoso but with fresh legs the climb was pretty easy. We did about 2,000 feet of up and downs at about 7,000 feet elevation before getting on this beautiful back road for Roswell. The wind was back today but not as strong (probably 10-15 versus 20-25 yesterday) and not quite as unfavorable (more of a cross wind to quartering headwind). Plus, overall, we would descend 3,000 feet in big rollers over the last fifty miles. Total climb was 2985 on my Garmin and 97 miles.

Hard to believe we have rode over 1,000 miles in the first 9 days. The trip is now one third over.

This is really open country. I saw buzzards (told them they were a day late), donkeys, men on horses herding cows, and no towns.

Roswell is famous as you know. I was planning on going to the UFO Museum but I read the description and it appears they are playing it straight. Too bad. I was hoping for campy.

Time to recovery.


pauline h. said...

Hi from North Carolina, Glad to see you are hanging in there. Have been thinking about you even although I am with our grand daughters going to soccar games and gymnastic practices. Loved your pictures. Still can't beleive you are doing this. What memories and stories you will have to share. Hugs

Chris Sniezak said...


Wanted to drop you a note of encouragement, Sherrie and I talk about you at least once a day and can't wait to hear your stories first hand.

Best of luck, we're pulling for you!

Ginger said...

Does it make me a bad daughter that as soon as I read "Roswell" I got excited because that was a TV show I used to watch in middle school? And that is my sole reference for knowing what Roswell even is?

Nevertheless, still immensely proud of my Daddy. :)

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Awww Roswell, my birthplace. After finding that out, many people say that explains a few things!!??@@

Glad you had an easier day for a change. Did you or are you going through White Sands? It's a pretty amazing site to see also when you're in the Land of Enchantment! TW

DaveT said...

Congrats on your first 1000 miles where you have conquered extreme heat, big climbs, super-long days in the saddle, demoralizing headwinds and inner anxiety. We are all very proud of what you have achieved. Hope the salt wounds are healing up.

bobf said...

May the next 1,000 miles go easier. Enjoying reading about your experiences--but not envying you.

Bob F

sammy g said...

WOW 1000 miles how fun is that! Well we got your back for the next 1000 miles. Heck we might even try to get down to MS to watch you all pass by. Keep pedaling like the law is after ya, you would be surprised how fast you can go then. Be safe and we are here for you.

Larry said...

We did go by White Sands but all we could see was a monument.

JJ said...

Go Larry go! You are one crazy brother-in-law but Kim & I are so proud of you and are in awe. I showed Josh your blog so he is now caught up on your progress. The end is near, well not that near but better than yesterday...