Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Days to Go and All Set

I am doing this ride for completely selfish reasons. I think to be a long distance cyclist you have to ride the US coast-to-coast. But I also want to try and raise some money for my favorite charity the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The link to my MS page is on the left just under the map. If you have money you can contribute there are a lot of people with MS or care for people with MS who can really use it. Thank you to those of you who have already made a contribution. Maybe you can make a second?

I am so ready. My legs feel great. Mike backed down the intensity even more this week than planned because my legs weren't getting fresh enough fast enough. I rode an easy 15 miles a lunch and the legs are ready.

My bag is packed. Really. Zipped shut and ready to go. I have amazingly little to take. Three riding outfits. Wet weather gear. Two sets of quick dry clothes--one long pants and one shorts. Swim suit in case there is a hot tub. Lots of Powerbar gels and bars. And lots and lots of sun block, lip balm, chamois cream and other first aid things. Spare tubs and tires. A sweater.

I will carry my helmet, shoes, pedals, and one cycling outfit in case my checked luggage doesn't show up.

My bike is already on its way by FedEx and will arrive Thursday.

I have an aluminum case with my computer, iPods, camera, GPS, and chargers packed.

My next post should be from San Diego Saturday night. My priorities each day after the ride are to recover, call home, post to blog, answer personal email (BTW, and then maybe but not likely work email.


pauline h. said...

Hi Larry, Found your blog. Will be with you in spirit. The cycling is up to you. SMILE! Good luck. We will be following you. Have a safe trip. Hugs Pauline and Svein

Larry said...

Thank you.

Sam Gibson said...

Good luck we will be praying for a safe ride as well as keeping track of your progress.

Sylvia Greene said...

Hi Larry - We'll miss you on the FedEx Rock-n-Roll MS150 next weekend and will be thinking great thoughts for your journey!

pauline h said...

Hi Larry, talked to Charlotte today and she said yesterday was rough. Hope today was better. Hang in there. We are thinking about you every day and wishing you well