Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ride Complete

The Atlantic Ocean!

We arrived at coast a little after 1pm today having traveled by my GPS 2921 miles and climbed 85,244 feet. Quite a ride.

The road through Savannah was scary. No real bike friendly way to get through the city so we had to cross it in traffic. There were no real incidents it is just that the cars had to pass awful close. Savannah is a pretty town; definitely one of those old south-looking places. Lots of history here. Interestingly, Savannah doesn't really have a beach. Lots of low, swamp between Savannah and the ocean. And we want an ocean to complete the trip.

So we have to ride across Savannah and several bridges to Tybee Island which is definitely on the ocean. The water is warm and the beach is nice packed sand. It really felt good on my tired, hurting feet.

It is amazing how many people helped me get ready for this ride and helped me during the ride. Charlotte, Mike, Susan and Sherrie for sure but all of you who made a comment on the blog helped too. The other riders also helped a lot. A ride like this is an interesting study in human nature. Everyone is riding and that is the common theme but from the front to the back of the pack motivations change. At the back, and truly I was one of the five weakest riders, it is as non-competitive, how-can-I-help, need-a-pull (explanation--if you lose contact with the group you are riding with it takes an incredible amount of energy to catch up. Often more than you can spare. But if a stronger rider will get in front of you and "pull" you back to your group you can catch up with a lot less energy) people as you will find. I surely owe many of them thanks.


Pacific (26 days earlier)

Hey guys, no sitting on the rope

Tonight we have a group dinner and lots of riders have their families in. Tomorrow morning I am catching a 4am van to the airport with John from Alaska. It is symmetrical. John and I rode to the hotel in San Diego and we are going to ride from the hotel in Savannah.

And Monday I will be back to work.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Larry! Jim and I are so impressed that you did it! The Atlantic pics looked wonderful. You're quite an inspiration to all of us. Have a safe trip back to Boulder.
Kathy and Jim

pauline.h said...

Job well done..... We are so proud of you. Welcome home See you soon
Pauline and Svein

sammy g said...

now what i am going to do? no one to follow and no more things to write. well you have done something that many can only dream of doing. great job and have a safe trip back home. we are all proud of you.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing accomplishment! Very proud of you and anxious to see you.
Really enjoyed following along the ride with you too.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I know this must have been a dream come true for you! What an amazing adventure! You have inspired me to try and run a marathon sometime! What can 4-5 hours be compared to 27 days, right? Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Missed ya! Sherrie (the snot...for those of you who didn't figure it out)

Elizabeth said...

Great Job Larry!!