Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Started Again

It has been six weeks since I finished the coast-2-coast. For the first three I did not ride at all giving my body a chance to heal. It needed it. Within three days of stopping my left knee was very sore and stayed that way until I went to see a Dr. Fortunately the knee was just inflamed and some generic anti-inflammatory knocked it right out.

More problematic is my right adductor and right knee. As noted on one of the blogs, Lon noticed that I leaned to my left and that my right knee kicked out about 4 inches at the top of the stroke under load. That causes my left leg to not fully extend (e.g. the inflamed knee) and my right adductor to have to pull that knee in hard. I have just got an appointment at the Boulder Sports Med to see what is wrong. Could be a foot problem or a knee problem or a weak adductor or poor posture. I'll let you know.

The fourth and fifth week after I started riding easy endurance rides up to 1.5 hours and added in slow running and weights. I don't have any really long rides planned for 2009. I will do a few centuries and some MS Rides. So my goals for the next year are to get my body mechanics right and to improve my overall strength, overall fitness and flexibility.

My overall fitness has taken a hit this week. Sunday night I came down with a cold. The first cold I have had in years and it is a nasty one. I can't ride or run with this congestion, I feel lousy, and all I want to do is eat to keep my stomach happy. I have gained five pounds I bet.

The cold will run its course and I will soon be out skiing. Getting started again has been harder than I expected.

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