Saturday, January 10, 2009

Foundation Training

It is January and I am concentrating on 1) skiing, 2) losing weight (or correcting my body composition as Mike calls it, and 3) foundation work. Foundation work consists of tempo rides and steady state rides, resistance training (mostly squats, bench presses, lat pull downs and rows) and flexibility (stretches and some specific exercises). All told I am working out a couple hours a day on average not counting skiing. I have to have some fun even as I feed the cycling obsession.

I keep reading that pressing too hard this time of year will be detrimental to performance in the summer, when it counts. And I keep reading about athletes, not enthusiasts like me, who have to relearn this lesson. With my next big ride no sooner than 2010, I am going to work the foundation stuff carefully.

But this losing weight is really, really a lot harder than field tests.

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