Monday, April 13, 2009

Work, Cycling and Skiing

I have been averaging only about 5 hours of training a week over the last 45 days. That is not much more than my average skiing during the same time. Skiing has been very good in Colorado this year and I have had a lot of fun even though I am just an advanced skier (say a 6 of 10). But that is on a log scale and doesn't include pros and Olympians. In other words, the best expert skiers that aren't pros or Olympians are still far, far better than me.

While the skiing has been excellent, the weather for riding in Boulder has been lousy. Rain, snow, wind, cold, and all combinations even through Easter. Way too much garage riding which after a long winter is getting really old.

Work has been another issue. Everyone feels that pressure. I seriously considered stopping work with Carmichael Training because of the time constraints I have been under. I am glad I didn't. I would not have been able to force myself to do the hard work without Mike.

Still I have made some progress. I am now doing climbing repeats at 280 watts (5x 4min and 4X 5 min) but I haven't done everything planned during a week in a very long time.

However my weight has suffered and I am basically starting over. Still, I am still highly motivated to get ready for a lot of climbing next year. It is just that I have a long way to go to get in the shape I want to be in.

Finally, I am taking my family to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. We are cruising the islands and doing excursions nearly every day. I think one can do a lot of damage to weight and conditioning in a week. I'll try not to but no promises.

And then in early May it is time to really get to work.

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