Friday, May 29, 2009

Goals, continued

In my last update I suggested a goal would be to race me at the Memphis MS Ride. Bad Larry. I really chose a bad word. I don't want to turn the MS Ride into a competition. A better idea for a goal is to ride with me and we will pace ourselves to complete the ride under 5 hours; maybe even in 4:30.

Today was a beautiful day for riding in Boulder so I headed out very early for some climbing. As always I start by heading up Left Hand Canyon. Even before 8 on a Friday you can see riders gathering. Most actually just ride the 7-10 miles from Boulder instead of driving.

LHC at 8am

See those mountains. Those are just warmups for todays ride. I climb 1000 feet and 5.25 miles to the Ward/Jamestown intersection. Both are interesting climbs but Ward is longer and higher.

Ward/Jamestown Intersection. 1,000 ft climb up LHC

11 Miles up LHC and 2,300 ft climb
If you look close you can see the snow further up. That is where I am going.

The facilities at Ward
The climb to Ward is 24 miles and 380o feet of climbs from my house.

This is the view along the Peak to Peak Highway. Sweet, if you don't mind climbing two hours to get here.
All together the ride was 76 miles, 4800 feet of climbs, took 5:15 and burned 2800 calories (real, not calculated. If you want to know how, let me know).

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