Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colorado MS Ride and the 2010 Border-to-border

Colorado MS Ride
I rode the Colorado MS ride on the 27th. The route this year was the same as last but instead of riding from the start and staying the night, I started from my home in Boulder and joined the ride at about mile 25. I rode a fast pace at the front until the top of the second climb around Horsetooth Lake (about the 60 mile mark) and then returned the same route against the other riders.

I was surprised by how many people were so far back. I had cycled past the lunch stop at 9:30 at mile 40 and returned to it at 11:30 (the ride began at 6am). A very large number of people were still at lunch at 11:30 with 35 miles to go. I talked to one couple and asked them how they liked the ride. They said it was a beautiful day, which is sure was, and they were enjoying the ride as long as it didn't get any harder. Glup, sorry to tell them that the climbs hadn't even started.

Anyway the lunch was hosted by the Sugar Bees, one of the really large and active teams. and they do a spectacular job. Had a turkey sandwich and chips and grabbed a couple of cookies for the return ride. I added a couple of long loops and ended up riding 111 miles.

BTW, the ride was capped at 2900 riders.


The company that did the coast-to-coast ride last year is doing the Ridge of the Rockies ride in 2010. That is my next big ride and I didn't think it would be offered until 2011. Now I have exactly a year to get ready for 18 days of 100 mile days in the mountains. I got a lot of work to do.

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