Friday, June 5, 2009

Training Plan Change

This week my training plan changed. For a few months now I have been primarily doing Climbing Repeats (CR) intervals on the bike, a lot of stretching, and twice a week work with heavy weights.

CR's are indeed intense workouts. CR's increase your climbing lactate threshold by training at the edge of your aerobic/anerobic threshold. Mike set my goals right at my maximum power. Maximum power at Carmichael Training System is the average of two, eight minute truly maximum efforts (nearly blacking out at the end of each). My maximum power is 280. Typically then I would do 4 five minute CR's on Tuesday and 5, four minute CR's on Wednesday. The weekend rides would be tempos.

For those of you without much experience with power meters I can make a rough comparison using heart rate. My lactate threshold is 159 bpm and my maximum heart rate is in the low 180's. On the fourth of five CR intervals, when I am just about wiped out, my HR averages about 172 and is peaking at 182. CR's hurt a lot.

As I said, starting this week Mike changed the training plan. As a special bonus he decided I had increased my power doing those CR's so he raised by maximum and reset all my training targets.

Now I am focused on tempo (TP) intervals. TP's are really the bread and butter of long distance riding. They do so much for you. I recommend you Google cycling tempos to learn more. Maybe next time I'll put some links in. To me the easy summary is that TP's build long distance endurance and set you up for harder interval training.

So now my training week is:
Tuesday-1 hour trainer with a 15 minute TP at 230 watts.
Wednesday-1 hour trainer with three 10 minutes TP at 230
Thursday-stretch and weights
Friday-hour of cross training
Saturday-3.5 hours of riding with 2 15 minute TP
Sunday-2.0 hours of riding with 2 15 minute TP.

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