Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overtrained or Overtired

July has been a struggle. No sooner than I know the Border-to-border (B2B) is on for next year then I go into a training slump. Ugh. Because I chart my weight, heart rate, and exercises I can pretty much tell when my training performance fell off. Getting it back on track is not going well.

What is happening is that my power at the high end isn't there or isn't there without too much effort. So tempo rides that I should be doing on a trainer in Memphis at 235 watts for 30 minutes I can't do for more than 20. Or tempos in Colorado which I should do at 220 I just can't get my power up that high--more like 205.

And I get tired. I noticed on the CO MS that after mile 80 I was really tired and struggled the next 30 miles (remember, I rode it mostly both ways on Saturday).

To try and recover I took two weeks of reduced intensity and volume and then began ramping up slowly. The ramp up was last week and it went fair. This week I hit my numbers through Friday but Saturday fell off.

Instead of doing two 15 minute tempos and three hours of riding, I did two hours of riding at a relaxed pace. Today, I tried to get the tempos and a 5 hour ride. I gave up ten minutes into the first tempo averaging 202 (I should have been close to 220). I rode 4 hours instead of 5 with the first 2 hours up LHC.

One thing I am not doing right is eating and I will correct that immediately. I am not concentrating enough on eating carbs and the right kind of carbs. Even though I didn't do everything planned this week, it was still a big week (175 miles and 5500 Kcals burned in cycling). At my age you have to pay attention to everything if you want to do that much work.

Next week is an easy week and I will take advantage of it to rest and get my diet right. The B2B is harder than the coast-to-coast ride and I will be two years older. BTW, on the current PAC ride from Portland Oregon to Savannah there are only 3 people over 60. I need to be in exceptional condition for a 60ish man to have a successful ride.

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