Friday, July 31, 2009

Six Weeks Until the FedEx MS Ride

It's the first of August and I am glad to see July go. The weather was fine; even cool. The big fuss with the residents on Left Hand Canyon didn't materialize. I am glad cooler heads--and maybe a swarm of deputy sheriffs--made a difference.

For those of you outside Colorado the residents along LHC via a flier distributed along the road were being encouraged to drive slow and breakdown during one of the many cycling events held on this famous road. It didn't happen. Nevertheless, I was far away from LHC that day.

There were some other nice things about July.

It is still really green for Colorado

The Blad Eagles are Nesting

And you get some interesting signs on the Tri routes

Still where I started July thinking I would do a border-to-border ride next year I start August knowing the PAC Tours has changed their mind and will not have that tour. Combined with a lack of energy and little nagging injuries, July pretty much sucked.

But August will be better. I am looking forward to the FedEx Rock 'n Roll MS ride in Memphis in September. It is my favorite MS ride. And this year they have added a century. Sweet. On August 16 I am riding a new event in Boulder, the Span the Rockies, which is a double metric century (125 miles) and 9,000 feet of climbs. Should be a challenging day.

Finally, my rides the last week were excellent and I hit almost every target with over two hours of tempo rides. So for the next six weeks I will keep up my training as if I were going to climb the Rockies from end-to-end and look forward to the MS ride in Memphis.

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