Friday, September 18, 2009

The Writer Strike is Over

Yes, the writer strike is over. It is past mid-September, the weather is definitely getting cool in Colorado (it might snow above 8,000 feet Monday), and my last big ride of the year is over.

The FedEx MS Rock 'n Roll Ride was last weekend and as usual it was a fun ride. There were some changes this year. The route was a little different I think to catch some better roads. The roads were very nice. A side effect was that the route was a little harder than in the past which isn't so good for the majority of Memphis riders. And there was a century loop at the end which wrapped around and rejoined the route. More on that in a second. That made day one 100 miles and just under 3,000 feet of climbs. That is a good ride any day.

Because the route looped I caught up with some riders struggling to finish the first 75. As best I could I rode with them for a while talking to them and pulling those that could. It is pretty lonely when you are all alone, 20 miles from finishing, and you are shot. Having some company helps.

The second day was rainy. It is a warm rain in Mississippi and it was a kissy-spity-showery rain that never got heavy. Just enough to make the roads slick and get you covered with road dirt. Still it was a nice ride.

This next week is my last week with Mike and Carmichael Training Systems. I am not sure I will even do the drills Mike has laid out. I am tired and have been for a couple of months. I have been training hard since December with a few breaks (like the Hawaii vacation!!!) so I probably need to slow down on the hard stuff, do some easy rides, and do some hard cross training. Right now I don't even want to do a Ride-the-Rockies, a Bicycle Tour of Colorado, or even a PAC Arizona week. Positive proof that I need some time off the bike.

So the writers strike is over but I doubt I have much interesting cycling to write about. It is all going to be about getting ready to ride again.

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