Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming Back to Speed

The last month has been a struggle. My mother-in-law has been in the hospital and consequently has required a lot of my wife's time with an understandable side effect on me. Work has been a grind. And my travel is at an all time high--I hit 100,000 EQM on NWA this month without any international travel. If you don't know what that means good for you but it just means I am flying all the time.

So with that whining out of the way, I seem to have turned it around last week. I hit plan with 8 hours of riding (122 miles, 4600 Kcal), 50 minutes at steady state pace, and a couple of resistance sessions. The weekend weather was great with Saturday in the 70's and Sunday in the 80's. I just rode and enjoyed the weather getting in about 75 miles.

This week's plan is similar. I will try and increase the amount of steady state time to over an hour, get in two resistance workouts, and get seven or more hours of riding in.

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