Sunday, November 15, 2009

November and My Ambitions are High

My wife is harassing me this morning to get out and ride or at least do some drills in the garage. Of course it has snowed 7 inches overnight and it is cold, cold but that is her way of supporting my obsession--I think. As she likes to say, "You are smarter and fitter than you look. Thank God."

Still, even as I plan my first ski trip of the season and as I gain weight from a lack of long rides and self discipline, my future ride ambitions are growing. I really never planned a second transcontinental but now I think I want to do the PAC northern next summer. I might have the time. I don't know if I'll have the conditioning. It will be tough to get my wife to fund it. (PAC rides are supported excellently and I want my own room--that doesn't come cheap).

And then there is the border-to-border ride which I really want to do just to have crossed the country north/south and west/east. That won't happen until at least 2011 and that is a long, long ways away.

Structured training is underway with all emphasis on strength and flexibility. I have scanned through the books I purchased and am studying the Doyle and Schmitz book on weight training for cyclists. Maybe next week I'll have an opinion to post.

Now I need to decide whether I am going to ride in the garage for a while. Probably will.

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