Monday, November 23, 2009

November Transitioning

For some reason this week a lot of people are asking about my next "big ride". Since I doubt most of them are following this blog it seems pretty curious. My answer is always the same. I'd like to do the northern transcontinental but will not decide until at earliest March. But if I want to do it I have to be training now although my training now is no different than normal late fall training.

That is true. This week was pretty much to plan. Ran 7 miles (wanted to do 8) but did pick up the pace a little. Cycling was good at seven hours of moderate intensity. Strength training is OK but I haven't gotten enough core work in.

My weight is a concern as I have made no real progress there and have lost some ground over the last sixty days. With the holidays beginning this week I am at big risk of digging myself a big hole. My plan was to lose ten pounds. Now that is eleven pounds. Oh boy.

The weather in Colorado this week is supposed to be pretty good. One of my daughters and her husband will be visiting for a week and that will cause some training challenges but I should still be able to hit my overall goal of nine hours of training and seven of that being running and cycling.

Still haven't finished any of those books.

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