Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Training

I planned October as a relatively easy month and it was. I cycled only 21 hours and 312 miles. That is the least hours and miles since last winter when I was skiing. I have started jogging some to give my legs some side to side action and I am getting a lot more weight work in.

With two months to go I will probably only get 5,000 miles in this year.

I have purchased a three new books which I have not yet read: Weight Training for Cyclists by Doyle and Schmitz, Base Building for Cyclists by Chapple and the 4th edition of The Cyclist's Training Bible by Friel. I had the 3rd edition and it was good but didn't have anything to say about power training. I'll provide my own reviews as I get them carefully read.

My training is going to pick up. I have decided to train for the PAC Tour Northern Transcontinental next summer. I don't know if I will have time--I actually might--but I had better get started. It is a 30-day ride with over 100K of climbs and 3500 miles.

As I develop my training program I'll post it for comment. Anyone have a suggest of a better way to post it than in this blog?

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