Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break

December is the month I usually reduce my cycling both to take a break from cycling and to do other things. This year is no different. I probably won't ride 300 miles this month bringing my total mileage for the year to about 5,000. Will do a full accounting next month.

One goal I did pass recently is that my main bike passed 25,000 miles. My other bike has almost 20,000.

I have been skiing three times in the last five days and expect to get two more days in during the holidays. Besides skiing I find my self at too many parties (my wife is the popular one) eating myself into a fitness hole.

That too is pretty much how my Decembers go.

2010 will definitely be different. I have decided to retire from FedEx in April and start a new career with more control over my time. I am training for the PAC Northern Transcontinental and to do the Bolder Boulder 10K under 60 minutes. Since I have not ran in years I have a long way to go. Whether I can be gone for a month for the transcontinental is an unanswered question.

Actually on both challenges I have a long way to go. And that is how I usually think about January in December. Rested and fattened up, time to lay down some goals for next year.

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