Monday, January 25, 2010

And Winter Continues

I got outside Friday for the first time in weeks. Rode over to Lefthand Canyon and did a couple of tempos then raced the cold and wind back home. The weather for cycling just sucks. Talked to JP at Excel Sports today about getting my bike overhauled and we were joking that the weather looks good for Friday--back into the 40's. Yuck. I am not a cold weather cyclist.

Took the weekend off. My legs were tired. I did some walking Saturday. I wanted to run but it was really windy and the trails are still filled with ice and mud. So I hiked and nearly froze. Sunday was all about football and resting--and eating.

Monday, today, my legs are back and I did 15 1-minute power intervals. Excellent power but I was spreading out the PI's and 1-minute PI's aren't very long. This is the start of power building for the next three weeks. Then I hope to have a light week and then go to the first PAC camps in Tucson. BTW, it was in the 30's today and the wind gusts were in 40's mph.

Skiing the next three days.

Weekly totals: 7 hours, 82 miles, 2500 kc.

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