Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Summary--February Plans

I am increasing intensity and volume as January ends. Rode 50 miles on Saturday in 3:03 elapsed and 2:57 ride time. That is consistent with my normal pace but I could not have gone another 50--probably not another 25 miles. But all in all happy with the ride. Kept up the PI doing two sets of 5 on Wednesday. Next week I lengthen the PI's by 30 seconds.

For the week: 108 miles, 11:25 hours of workouts (4 skiing), and 3200 kc.
For January: 380 miles, 36.32 hours of workouts (8 ski) and 11,850 kc.

February will be pushing intensity for the first two weeks doing power intervals on Tuesday and Steady States on Wed (or Thur), with as long a rides as the weather permits on weekends. The third week (2-15) is depends on what I plan to do for the 4th week. Right now I want to go to Tucson and do a desert camp with PAC starting 2-20. That would be about 400 miles of good endurance miles with maybe some tempos. If I do that--and I have to commit by next weekend--then the third week will be light. Otherwise, it will be more power building.

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