Friday, January 1, 2010

Wrapping up 2009

I end 2009 not as fit as I entered it. Lots and lots happened this year to take some of my focus away from hard training. Certainly some of that was family and some more was work. And then there was the lack of any specific ride for which to train.

Not so in 2010. While I can't predict what family or personal things could distract, I enter 2010 with definite cycling objectives.

The first objective will probably be doing Century Week with the PAC group in Tucson ( ) which is week 5 of their Desert Training Camp. This looks good because it is at the end of March and will give me a boost for the rest of the summer. Plus, if I am going to ride a week I would rather do it with them and 50 other riders than do a tour in Colorado with 1500 other riders.

The second thing I am going to do is climb some passes. I have a list of the passes in Colorado and I am going to plan some climbs over ones I have not done and some of my favorites. For sure I will climb Loveland Pass and Berthoud Pass.

I have decided not to do the Triple Bypass or any of the Colorado Rockie Mountain rides.

But I may do the Northern Transcontinental with PAC. Probably not because I don't expect to have the time but I also expect this will be my last chance. So I will train as if I am going to do it and decide as late as possible that I cannot.

I also think I will do some distance kind of clubs. I read about some in the RoadBikeRider newsletter. Sounds like something to keep me motivated. With my retirement at the end of April and my new consulting business not even announced yet, I may have a lot of time to train but if I get some business I will take it.

Finally, a quick summary of my riding in 2009:

Total Miles: 4835. Total time: 298 hours.

In 2008 I rode 5565 miles training before and after the Southern Transcontinental which was an additional 2914 miles. I doubt that I ever hit 8749 miles in a year again but if I am, it will be 2010.

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