Monday, January 18, 2010

Yet Another Week on the Trainer

The weather and roads remain poor for riding and then when the few nice days come by my schedule doesn't work. Still, I am making progress on the trainer--if not with my weight. I continue to increase the time at tempo pace logging 78 minutes. Trivial compared to where I will be in a couple of months but I am satisfied for now.

Went skiing on Saturday at Vail with friends. Terrific time even if the skiing is just so so. The mountains need three feet of snow really badly.

Sunday went to see Avatar with my wife and friends. Killed the day but so worth it. What a great movie experience.

Got to move forward but keep fresh.

Light week: Cycling 4 hours, 55 miles, and 1911 kj. Skied from 9 to 3.

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