Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Snowy Weekend

It is snowing in Boulder again and snowed all weekend. Talked to one of my neighbors who is a mountain bike racer and he, too, is getting really tired of riding a trainer.
I continued to increase the number of power intervals although I am still short of my goals. This week I continued to do a set of 5 2-minute power intervals followed by a set of 5 1-minute intervals. This week I will increase that to two sets of 4 2-minute PI's.
Just for your laughs, I am doing the PI's at 280 watts with my HR averaging 165.
It is now clear I won't be able to do any riding in Tucson with PAC. With only a month before Century week I have only been outside 1 or 2 times since the first of December. It actually is looking like I won't be in shape to do a northern transcontinental either.
I like skiing but I don't like winter.

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