Monday, February 8, 2010

Power Intervals cont

Not a very exciting week but was to plan. Only three rides this week. All were on a trainer and all were doing power intervals. Three sessions is all my legs can take. I have to put a rest day in between. The plan this week was to get to 20 minutes of PI's and I did that Sunday with 2 sets of 5 1.5-minute intervals plus 1 set of 5 one-minute intervals. Weights and core workouts on the off days.

Next week I extend the interval time to 2 minutes. I doubt that I can get to 2 sets of 5 2-minute intervals next week but that is the goal.

Had to tell PAC that I can't come to desert camps weeks 1 or 2. Maybe week 5 but even that is unlikely. Sad because it is cold and snowy here in Boulder and I could use some warm weather riding.

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