Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Slow February Ends--Thankfully

Everyone is complaining about the weather and with good reason. I read in Ed Pavelka's newsletter about the snow in Pennsylvania and that Lon Haldeman had been stuck for a few days trying to get to Tucson to start the PAC Desert Camps. If you don't know about Ed you should start reading his newsletter at Also in a recent newsletter Scott described various kinds of cyclist. I though his description of ultra distance riders was spot on.

Ultra distance Rider

Body type: Lung on a stick, quads the size of beer kegs, elbows sharper than a stiletto, multiple road-rash scars, flexible enough to join Chinese acrobat troupe,

Distinguishing bike characteristic:
lights, handlebar bag and/or large seat bag, comfy saddle

If not a cyclist, would be:

Favorite conversation topics:
food, miles/kilometers ridden, food, extreme weather experiences, food

In the peloton, likes to:

February was a weak month for me although I did get one ride outside this week of 50 miles and felt really good. I rode the 50 miles in just under 3 hours which is right on pace. I have had to back off the power intervals. I wasn't making any progress and I was getting hip and lower back pain. Generally a sign for me that I need to back off.

For the month only 233 miles, 17 hours of work outs, and only 7300 kcal. February is always a slow month for me. Spring must be close.

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