Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of First Quarter--Ate My First Bug of 2010

The first 13 weeks of 2010 has ended and the training news is mostly bad with some good. The weather has been miserable as everyone everywhere agrees. My cycling training has suffered from too many weeks of trainer work and the boredom that comes from that. Yet my overall strength for short distances/time is as high as ever. But sustained power for say fifteen minutes is definitely not where it was in 2008 (my benchmark year). Yet I am riding 50 miles at about the pace I did in 2008 but I couldn't do a century at a 2008 pace.

As far as training/exercise goes I am on target. I plan on training 550 hours this year and the first 13 week plan was just an hour a day (e.g. 91 hours). I plan on riding 6500 miles this year and 1000 in the first 13 weeks. I did almost 95 hours and 1005 miles. But some of that time was skiing per plan. April keeps the hour-a-day pace because of workload but the amount of cycling increases as does the intensity of the training. Then I ramp up the cycling a lot in May and June.

Sunday was a great day with light winds and a temperature of 60 degrees. I rode 50 miles in exactly 3 hours (3:10 elapsed). I also sucked down my first bug of the year.

Weekly totals: 13:30 hours, 104 miles, 3057 Kcal.

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