Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Comes in Like a Lamb

A great first week of March. After a miserable February having a little sun and 50 degrees to ride in is a treat. While I much prefer 80, 50 will do nicely over 20.

With the warmer week I managed to ski one day, run one day, and ride three days. Total ride distance was 103 miles (first time in a long time that I have back-to-back hundred mile weeks). Total work out time just over 10 hours (3 skiing) and burned through 2980 KCal riding.

Joined 24-Hour Fitness. Found a great deal at Costco. Two years for about $12/month. I'll start strength training there Monday.

This coming week should be similar. If the weather holds I will ski once or twice and ride two or three times. If feasible I will increase my long ride time to 4 hours.

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