Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holding My Own--For Now

A decent week with three good rides and three short rides and a total of seven hours on a bike and 102 miles. Quite good considering all that I had to accomplish in Memphis. But for the rest of the month it gets very tough. I might get three high intensity rides in this week but definitely no long rides. Next week looks better and then the last week of April and the first few days of May there will be no riding at all.

I can't help thinking that if I can get to May and don't have much to do, that in eight or nine weeks I can be ready for another transcontinental. That is how I feel. But the reality is that I doubt I can make up the conditioning needed to go 3500 miles in 30 days by mid July. At 62 I suspect my body won't standup to that kind of training and if it did, it would probably fail me on the ride.

Still, I loved the Southern Transcontinental with PAC and just keep wanting to find a way to do another.

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