Monday, May 31, 2010

Good May

Granted I am still closer to where I started then where I want to be fitness-wise, but at least May was a good start. Even I chuckle at these numbers but again I am in a fitness hole from which I need to dig out.

May totals: Total Exercise 45:30 hrs, distance 586 miles, TSS 2411 and KCal 16,466.

And I lost five pounds--which is really throwing deck chairs off the Titanic. As I said, I ate myself into a fitness hole and I am working my way out. Maybe 20 pounds to go. Ugh.

I would have broken 600 miles if I weren't so deep into a home improvement project. My wife wants her kitchen shelves changed into drawers. I am slow and now I have the kitchen torn up so I have to really keep at it.

Still, these are the best numbers I have had since August 2009 and then it goes all the way back to September 2008 and the transcontinental.

June should be a huge month. I expect to move the TSS and KCal numbers up by 15% and loss another four pounds. Mileage isn't so important but increasing the intensity is. The Colorado MS ride is the last weekend and I can't stay the night so my plan is to ride early and ride most of the route both ways on Saturday.

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